Medicare Card

What is covered by Plan A? What is not covered in Plan B? Are there any changes to Drug Coverage in Plan D?

For 2017, the Open Enrollment period starts October 15th, and ends December 7th. Medicare health plans and prescription drug plans change year to year. Open Enrollment is the time to review your needs. Consider your needs for the upcoming year, such as (1) costs, (2) the network providers & pharmacies available, and (3) coverage. The Federal government has information, and people, available to help you stay informed.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of the Federal Health and Human Services (HHS) department, provides educational tools for informed decision-making on their web page. also helps you with useful information on their web site. Find plans doctors, hospitals, providers, and plans. Learn more about Medicare costs in 2017. Find out the coverage you have. Enroll in a plan. Learn about the postal mail you get about Medicare. Find Florida telephone numbers and other contact information on Medicare's Helpful Contacts page.

Prefer to talk with someone? Their toll-free number is 800-633-4227 (1-800-MEDICARE)